Birds in the clouds...

Birds in the clouds...
Clouds Alive

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Luna Love...

As she gazed at the mighty Moon, so full and glowing so gracefully, a tear falls... 'His beauty is beyond me' her heart spoke... 'One Day i will understand, One day i will learn... One day... Patience is the only way...
bStaRc ~*

Feelings so real..

"There is a feeling i feel, deep inside.
Something i love to feel, and yet something i must hide.
Sitting in silence, dreaming away.
Hoping to feel that happiness visit, even for a day...
Understand this feeling, i admit i don't.
Understand the reason, i know i wont.
But something beyond gives me hope.
And somehow i know, through these hard times i will cope.
This feeling is real, this feeling is true.
And no matter what, no one will ever compare to you..." ~* bStaRc

bStaRc Photography.

Mill Park Lake

Life is what you make it.

We spend our childhood fantasizing on how great life can be.
Limits are nowhere to be seen, only endless opportunities.
Then an age we come to be, were the world slaps us in the face,
Judgmental minds tell us we are weak and living high is not our place.
Their words push us down making us feel like nothing more then a clown.
We run and hide in the dark, feeling like outsiders, unaccepted for who we really are.
Wishing there was a better place, wondering why fate has put us in this seemingly endless maze.
Pain takes control, it pressures us every day. Draining our hopes and dreams, making life as simple as it can be. For what more are we then a pawn in this game, unaware of what is to become of our name.
Then these judgmental people keep living pulling down the weak, getting pleasure from us accepting defeat. They lie and manipulate all to make their cold emotionless hearts feel an ounce of worth, to feel as though they belong on this earth.
And here we are; true to ourselves, reaching high to feel complete.
Nothing should ever stop a heart from creating if you have a dream.
But It will only come true, by working hard and believing in what you do.
Remember, Life is what you make it and we should never let anyone else make it for us.

Bonnie Star Cvijetovic. ©